Eastern Connecticut NEW Online Crime TV Show Seeks Sponsors

Waterford broadcaster and TV and Radio producer is seeking local Eastern Connecticut companies to sponsor a new online TV show aimed at helping reduce crime in Eastern Connecticut, with help from the regions police departments.

CrimeWATCH Connecticut will initially be a once a month review of on going situations in Eastern Connecticut where the police need the public's help.

The show will also help introduce new officers to the community and new police initiatives, as well as practical information from the police on trending crimes and how to deal with them as well as changes to the law and how that affects the community.

Any local company interested in sponsoring the show will get to show a full 30 second commercial about themselves at the very beginning of the online TV show and again at the end of the program. Company must supply their own commercial or one can be made for additional cost on top of sponsorship.

The producer has been speaking to police departments in the area and they are keen to be part of this, but money of course is needed to create the show.

The show would be around 15 to 20 minutes long and produced monthly to start with, and if successful and dependent on the funding that is achievable, could become weekly.

The program will be professionally produced and hosted by Brian Scott-Smith, a local broadcaster, who freelances for organizations like NPR and PBS - www.brianscottsmith.com

The audience for the show will be the community and those who follow the police departments around Eastern Connecticut, which amounts to thousands of people who use the police social media pages and platforms and interact with the police using these.

The aim of the show is to allow the police to reach out more to the community and to also show them what else they do, apart from fight crime.

Any local company interested in sponsoring the show, it can be a one off sponsor of just one show, or tailored to whatever marketing budget you have.

It will get your company name and your services out to a very wide and local audience of thousands and is a very cost effective way of spending your marketing dollars online.

Please contact Brian Scott-Smith to discuss sponsorship options further.