March is Buddy Month at Fearless Flyers Academy

What does "Buddy Month" mean?  You get to bring a friend to class for free all month long! Just register for 2 tickets, (one regular ticket and one Buddy ticket) put your name and information for the “flying trapeze” ticket and your “buddys'” info for the buddy ticket. It’s that easy!

To be eligible for the free class, all buddies must not have taken a class at Fearless Flyers Academy in the past 12 months.  Only 1 free class per buddy. 

Visit to register for a class!


Do I have to bring a buddy to class?

No! Although we encourage you to take advantage of this awesome promotion, you do not have to bring a buddy to class with you.

Can I bring the same buddy all month long?

Unfortunatly no. Each buddy is only eligible for one free class.

Does my buddy have to take the same class I do?

Yes, you and your buddy must be in the same class.

Can my brother/sister/child/ etc.. be my buddy?

Yes! Anyone who has not taken a class with FFA in the past 12 months can be your buddy! Have you met someone on the bus who wants to try a class? Bring them!