Leadership Eastern CT - Class of 2022 Application

Applicants must reside or work in eastern Connecticut and be a minimum of 21 years old. Please refer to ChamberECT.com/leadership or “Leadership Program Fact Sheet” for complete qualifications. Applicant must be employed by a Chamber member business. Maximum class size = 30 participants.

A Selection Committee conducts all application screenings. Class members are selected based on application materials. Please be thorough and specific in your responses.

Applications must be submitted no later than Tuesday, September 8, 12pm. For questions, contact Megan Gilbert at the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT.
I. Personal Information and Demographics
Demographics are requested in order to provide aggregate data to program sponsors and grant funders that make this program possible. NOTE: Name, email, and DOB are required for program application. Providing demographic information is optional and does not affect your eligibility or consideration for program participation.
Use the email where you would like to receive program communications. Please add mgilbert@chamberect.com or @chamberect.com to your safe-sender lists.
Use MM/DD/YYYY format. Participants must be 21 years of age or older.
II. Employment
Business Address
III. Education
IV. Organization/Activities/Community Involvement
Please explain your community engagement role(s), and identify any leadership responsibilities or areas where you have managed projects, people, and/or processes (event chair, project chair, fundraising chair, board of directors, PTO/PTA, etc.).
Primary volunteer role at this time:
Other volunteer, professional, civic, etc. roles
Please list in order of importance to you, any other community, civic, professional, business, social, athletic, and other organizations of which you have been a member.
V. General
Please be thoughtful and detailed in your responses. A qualifier for program acceptance is a demonstrated capacity for leadership, and (in addition to the above sections) this section provides additional opportunities to highlight your skills, your willingness to learn and be engaged, voice your community concerns, and more.
VI. Schedule
The program requires total participation in the sessions during Year One every second Thursday, from approx. 8 AM to 4 PM. During Year Two, participants will plan a minimum of one session in small groups. See section VIII for more participation expectations. ORIENTATION 10/8/2020; EDUCATION 11/12/20; HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES 12/10/20; ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 1/14/2021; LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT 2/11/2021; GOVERNMENT 3/11/2021; MILITARY AFFAIRS 4/8/2021; TOURISM, ARTS, & TRANSPORTATION 5/14/2020; RETREAT 6/13/2020
VII. Community Project
In addition to the class days listed above, your participation as a team member in a class project is also a requirement of the program. Participants will select, plan, and execute a civic service project in conjunction with a Chamber member nonprofit organization. It must be completed in the first year of the program (Sept-June). The project allows participants to put into action the lessons and leadership skills they will have learned, while leaving a lasting impact on the local community. Parameters of the project are developed by the participants, but scope may include fundraising, drives, and a hands-on aspect such as refurbishing a building or hosting an event. Planning time will be built into each session to the extent possible based on session agendas, however time may still be required outside of class dates. Time commitment varies for each project.
VIII. Participation
In order for our program to accomplish its stated goals, a two-year commitment and full participation of each individual is necessary. Graduation from the program will be contingent on completion of both years. If a participant fails to complete the course for any reason, tuition will not be refunded. Class guidelines include: YEAR ONE: Full participation in the curriculum is a requirement for graduation. - More than three full-day absences, counted in half-day increments during the program year, will result in expulsion from the program. - Participation in a productive manner in a class project is required. See VII. YEAR TWO: Participants will be assigned to at least one planning committee for the sessions of the following year’s program. - A participant is expected to attend session planning meetings with their respective committee(s), as well as attend those designated sessions. - A graduation ceremony and reception will be held in June of year two.
Partial scholarships are available for: applicant employed by a small business (under 15 total FTE employees); applicant employed be a non-profit, not-for-profit, or municipality; underrepresented ethnic minority applicant; underrepresented sexual & gender minority (LGBTQIA) applicant. Please submit a formal letter of request along with this application. Be sure to include how this program would benefit you and your organization, any personal community involvement not already outlined in the application, and whether you are able to participate in the program should you not be selected for a scholarship. Requests for financial assistance do not affect consideration for acceptance.
IX. Tuition
Tuition for each participant in the LEADERSHIP EASTERN CT two-year program is $875.00 plus an administrative fee of $25.00. An invoice will be sent to the email you provided in this application upon acceptance to the Program. Tuition is non-refundable and must be paid prior to October 11, 2020. Make checks payable to Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT.
Who will pay your tuition?
Do you have the support/endorsement of your immediate or relevant supervisor for your full participation in the program?
If you do not have a supervisor (i.e. executive director, president, single employee/owner) you may put "none" or share a board contact here.