Clinician 1 & 2

Posted: 05/28/2024

Job Description:  
SCADD is currently seeking a compassionate full-time, licensed clinician at our Lebanon Pines, New London Outpatient, Transitional Houses, or Withdrawal Management programs to provide clinical services for individuals regarding behavioral, substance abuse, psychiatric, and/or emotional concerns through the development and implementation of clinical assessments, treatment plans, groups, and discharge plans.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following as allowed by specific program, State regulations, and Scope of Practice limitations: 

  • Complete initial client assessment for placement and ongoing assessment for continued treatment or referral to a more appropriate level of care. 
  • Establish a treatment plan with the client formulated around goals with targeted objectives and interventions to maximize strengths and resources. 
  • Utilize counseling skills to assist clients through individual, group, or family counseling to achieve objectives through exploration of problems, examination of attitudes and feelings, consideration of alternative solutions, and decision making. 
  • Chart results of assessment and treatment planning, writing reports, progress notes, discharge summaries and other client related data in a timely manner. 
  • Assist in orienting client to program, goals of the program, rules governing client conduct and infractions, and client rights upon admission for treatment. 
  • Ensure that insurance authorizations are accounted for in line with dates of treatment and services provided. 
  • Provide education and information to clients individually and through groups concerning substance use disorders and recovery resources. 
  • Coordinate case management needs to match services, agencies, and resources with clients to assist with discharge planning.  
  • Provide crisis intervention services to respond to client's needs during acute emotional and or physical distress. 
  • Support individual clients in identifying strengths, weaknesses, problems, and needs in ongoing treatment planning to address substance use and/or mental health issues. 
  • Identify client needs that cannot be met at this level and assist in the referral of the client to available support systems and community resources. 
  • Meet with multidisciplinary team to acknowledge and report on client progress, discuss and modify established treatment plan. 
  • Formulate clinical interventions to promote stability and ensure client engagement and investment. 
  • Provide counseling for family or significant others as appropriate. 
  • Meet all documentation requirements for client progress, referral and contractual networking, and incident reporting.
*Associate License or Fully Licensed