Rainmaker Buffet



About Us

Do you have a taste for a wide variety of popular cuisines? Our Festival Buffet can satisfy your cravings with Italian, Asian, barbecue and seafood dishes. Not to mention traditional comfort food and old favorites. And because our menu rotates for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there’s always a chance to try something new. Visit the Festival Buffet in Rainmaker Square and enjoy more of what Foxwoods has to offer.

The Enhanced Dinner Menu includes steak, crab clusters and much, much more!

Love great dining experiences? Take a look at our Snow Crab & Sirloin Steak offer! These tasty add-ons are a ‘must-have’ when you visit our Connecticut resort.

Your vacation or business visit to Foxwoods wouldn’t be complete without sampling the cuisine at Festival Buffet.

$9.99 Seniors only (55+)*
11am-2pm Tuesday, 6:00pm -9:00pm Thursday
*Excludes Holidays (including Christmas and New Year's Eve)