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Since its inception Sails Up 4 Cancer has dedicated itself to doing as much as feasible to support cancer care, education, prevention, and research. There was a problem that reared its ugly head; and that was how we can do more to help those in our community who were battling cancer. With billions of dollars donated by huge corporations to research with tremendous results we felt that we needed to do more. Many families who get diagnosed with cancer now have a greater chance at survival than ever before. Albeit not enough and it will never be enough until the cure rate is 100%. But during treatment, the pain and suffering can be unbearable. With that unbearable pain and suffering comes loss of income while cost of medical care may sky rocket. Sails Up 4 Cancer realized this dilemma and was determined to make a difference. Hence SU4C developed the Spinnaker Fund. This funds sole purpose is to help those whose impact from battling cancer has hit their pantry, refrigerator, utility bills, insurance payments, medicine, and so on. It?s difficult to describe the stress that a family goes through when this occurs, and it occurs all too frequently. So SU4C has a process in place where people may apply for financial assistance. We vet much of these applications though referrals and Hospice organizations to provide financial assistance to help alleviate the stress and provide some comfort.


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