Sea Swirl



About Us

Fun family New England dining! From our famous fried clams to fresh fish sandwiches and seafood rolls, we've got you covered! Don't forget the 40+ flavors of ice cream, and catering too.

Family owned and operated for over 25 years, Sea Swirl offers the best of fried clams and fantastic seafood plus has one of the best sunsets on the horizon. Outdoor dining overlooks the flood tide and customers can enjoy delicious ice cream as well.
Sea Swirl may seem like an unlikely place to find four-star food, but for many years now, it has sustained a deserved reputation as one of the finest places to eat fried belly clams, especially the whole-belly variety. Sea Swirl serves a full roster of expertly fried seafood, including scallops, shrimp, and fish. For an alternative to seafood, there are hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches and more.


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