The Gilman Brothers Company



About Us

The Gilman Brothers Company had its origins in New York City, where in 1897, Nathan Gilman established himself in the bedding business. From the start, the Company had direct ties to Connecticut for, in Bozrahville (now Gilman) on the banks of the Yantic River stood the Bozrahville Manufacturing Company, which supplied him with raw material.

As one of the oldest manufacturing sites in New London County, the first large-scale manufacturing began here in 1814. Industrious and enterprising individuals were attracted to this site because of the rivers unique topography and ample volume provided the waterpower to drive their machines.

In 1905, Nathan purchased the holdings of the Bozrahville Manufacturing Company. These early years were marked by countless calamities. The first was the loss of his brother and business partner, followed by two fires. The second fire completely ravaged his mill, and Nathan was badly burned trying to save what so many had labored for. Faced with a long hospitalization and what appeared to be economic failure, Nathan was driven by his unflinching desire to see his mill a success. With the help of his loving wife, friends, and business associates, a new mill rose from the ashes. It stands today as a symbol of good will, friendship, and Nathan’s courage and test of will.