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We started business in the state of Connecticut as Driscoll Building & Remodeling LLC back in 1982. Prior to that, Mike worked with his father and grandfather in New London and Windham counties. They were successful building contractors and worked for over 40 years in the more prominent sites in the area.

With Driscoll Building & Remodeling LLC, we did approximately 10-15 roofs each year. Word got out about our work, and we started getting phone calls from other contractors’ clients – unsatisfied customers – ones who weren’t happy with how their roofs had come out, the workmanship, and the quality – or lack thereof.

After receiving so many calls, we decided that, instead of just fixing other people’s mistakes, we would start our own roofing company and do it right the first time. The Roofing Store LLC was born. We would offer licensed, insured, and experienced workmen, quality materials, and 100% customer satisfaction. That was June of 2005. Since then, we have installed over 560 roofs.