Arrow Paper Party Rental Offers Tents, Tables, Chairs and Cleaners

Arrow Paper Party Rental offers a number of products and services local businesses can use to accommodate outdoor dining, sales, or COVID testing sites. 

See the list below to learn more about products and services:

Tents for restaurants &social distancing:
Tents we have for drive through medical testing:
  • 12x12 Frame Tents
  • 16x16 Frame Tents
  • 20x20 up to 20x50 Frame Tents
  • 30x30 up to 30x85 Frame Tents
  • 40x40 up to 40x100 Frame Tents
  • Pole tents from 20 wide to 6owide
80 wide tents on request.

We utilize weights for the frame tents when we can’t stake into the ground. Weights are an additional charge.
  • We have pole tents that would be ideal for walk through patient care. All pole tents must be staked into the ground.
  • We have side walls for both frame and pole tents that are solid white, cathedral windows, or clear depending on type of tent.
  • Perimeter globe and spot lighting is also available.
  • Installation and breakdown are included in the rental costs.
  • Delivery is based on location.
  • Tent rentals can be daily, weekly, or monthly. We need 24 to 48 hour notice.  
  • Fire extinguishers and exit signs are required by Connecticut State law. Quantity depends on the size of the tent.
  • Tent permits and their fees are required unless waived by the state.
Tables and Chairs Quantity in Inventory Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
6ft Long 125 10.25 20.50 41.00
8ft Long 135 10.75 21.50 43.00
3ft Round 34 10.50 21.25 42.50
4ft Round 25 11.00 21.75 43.50
5ft Round 115 10.50 21.00 42.00
6ft Round 55 14.89 29.78 59.56
Folding Chair 7,300 2.50 5.00 10.00
We carry social distancing dividers for restaurants and business. Pictures upon request.

We also carry a line of EPA registered quaternary cleaner to disinfest tables, chairs floors, and walls.
Full line of plastic and disposable plastic ware.These items are currently available on a first come first serve basis and we have the potential to get more items if needed. We have a vast inventory other than this list. Please ask if there is a need not on this list.

We are available 24/7. We look forward to working with you.

Garry Weiss, President
Cell 860-334-6139
Office 860-442-4575