Colorado Artist Samuel Austin at La Grua Center

Exhibit Opening: The Whimsical World of Samuel Austin
Friday, September 13 from 5-7pm
Come explore the whimsical world of Colorado artist Samuel Austin in this special partner exhibit with our friends at Curated gallery in Mystic. Exhibit will run through October 2019.  Enjoy two openings, one at Curated gallery in Mystic on September 6th from 5-7pm and the other at La Grua on September 13th, 5-7pm. We’ll have bubbly, nibbles, and rum tasting with Real McCoy Rum founders Bailey and Jennifer Pryor. Suggested donation $5.
About Samuel Austin
Born 1962, Sam is an award winning & published Licensed Architect, loving family man, passionate environmentalist, forever rebel, an animal lover, musician and backpacker. Samuel Austin lives in Boulder, Colorado and continues to design homes and paint.

From the artist: 
The practice of art constitutes the highest and most unique form of human expression. I like to think of my drawings and paintings as having a sense of humility and accessibility about them while being quite serious about their artistic purpose. They are watercolors, often with the inclusion of gesso, sumi ink and ball-point pen. I pay attention to details. These works are made from the highest quality pigments and paper available. My Artist Statement gives more information on why I spend so much time painting.
Beauty is reflected in honesty, humility and frugality. My painting is an effort to reveal these principles.

Through a process of creation/destruction/experimentation, back and forth I work on the paper. Gradually, I tease out the image. Nothing is predetermined. I use a very limited palette of watercolor pigment, gesso and ballpoint pen. I try to think of these materials in a very basic way. I have paper. I have pigment. And I have an emotional reaction to the subject matter. I try to work directly on the paper surface without field sketching or erasing. My goal is to preserve the freshness of the painting and reveal my beliefs about beauty by using the materials and treating the surface in these ways.

Most paintings are 20-60 layers.