ConnectiCare: Feeling restless? Ideas to help pass the time

The longer you stay inside, the harder it may be to find things to do. If you need help filling the gaps in your days, here are some fun things to try at home.
Get or stay fit

  • Look for free online fitness classes (like these from Planet FitnessCrossFit, and SilverSneakers®).
  • Go for a walk, jog, or run (but maintain social distance).
  • Hop on your bike or slip into some roller skates or rollerblades.
  • Head outside for some squats, lunges, or jumping jacks.
  • Prep your yard or garden for spring planting.
Engage your brain
  • Find free online classes or tutorials.
  • Take virtual museum tours or explore national parks. (Check out Google Arts & Culture for inspiration.)
  • Explore the moon and the sky.
  • Search the web for home maintenance how-to videos.
  • Form an online book club.
Discover inner peace
  • Practice soothing breathing exercises.
  • Start a journal to focus on your thoughts.
  • Search for how to draw a mandala and create your own.
  • Dive into a coloring book and concentrate on each color you choose.
  • Try different meditation techniques to see what works for you.
Start your spring cleaning
  • Start with just one room at a time so you can focus.
  • Sort unused or unwanted items to see what can be sold, donated, or tossed.
  • Search Pinterest for new ways to organize your space.
  • Rotate your spring clothes to the front of your closets and dressers.
  • If you can do it yourself, consider tackling painting or renovation projects you were pushing off.
Join virtual events
  • Use hashtags to live tweet and follow conversations during a live show.
  • Install the Google Chrome browser extension to have a Netflix Party.
  • Invite your friends or family to start the same show or movie and text or video chat while you watch.
  • Check Instagram for live trivia or audience events. (Follow ConnectiCare while you’re there.)
Think of others
  • Text, call, or video chat with friends and family to see how they are doing.
  • Call sick or elderly neighbors to check in.
  • Have a porch chat with a friend or neighbor, maintaining social distance.
  • See if any local businesses or organizations have remote volunteer opportunities.
  • If you’re healthy, consider donating blood.