Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act Benefits The Arc New London County

Groton Public Utilities, Norwich Public Utilities and Comcast have collectively funded $43,000 worth of critical energy-saving and safety-related repairs for two of The Arc New London County’s community residences serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in Groton and Norwich. 
The companies’ participation in the 2017 Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act’s tax credit program made it possible for The Arc NLC to upgrade an aging electric heating system at a home in Groton and install insulated siding on a residence in Norwich. 
“These measures will significantly reduce heating costs, creating savings for taxpayers,” said Kathleen Stauffer, The Arc NLC’s Chief Executive Officer.  The Neighborhood Assistance program allows certain firms to invest in community programs and receive 100% tax credit for energy conservation initiatives and 60% credit for other capital projects.
“Both Groton Public Utilities and Norwich Public Utilities – as well as the cities of Groton and Norwich – went out of their way to assist us,” said Stauffer. “Additionally, Comcast continues to provide substantial technology grants to ensure people with IDD have the same educational and employment advantages the rest of us take for granted. We’re so grateful to have such wonderful community partners here in Southeastern Connecticut.”
The Arc New London County operates 14 supported residences throughout southeastern Connecticut which are home to 63 men and women.
For more information, or to learn more about The Arc NLC’s other programs, please visit or contact Denise Tift at (860) 889-4435, ext. 116.