Donations Sought for Stonington Veterans Memorial

The Town of Stonington has partnered with VFW 1265 Harley P. Chase Post on the creation of a Veteran Monument.

The Veteran Monument will honor all military veterans who have served our country from World War I and on who call the Town of Stonington home. The monument will include the names of over 7,000 individuals and utilize a new technology that will allow visitors to use their smartphones to read through the list of names. Further, the technology will link to a dedicated website where videos and photos can be stored to connect visitors with historical content. It also allows for names to continue to be added over the years. Working in partnership with Buzzi Memorial plans are in place for design and construction of an eight-sided granite monument, which will showcase etched drawings honoring veterans.

The monument will be located on the grounds of the Stonington Police Department. This location was desirable due to the high frequency of traffic, as well as the lighting,safety and ample parking.

An advisory group is working together on research, outreach and fundraising including representatives from the Stonington Historical Society, Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce, Chelsea Groton Bank, Stonington High School, VFW, local veterans and residents. As the cost of the monument is approximately $180,000, our goal is to fully fund this important project with a combination of sponsorships, donations, grants and town support.

Letter and donation request form.