Fiddleheads Food Co-Op Announces New Management

Fiddleheads Food co-op has a lot going on this fall!  The natural foods cooperative in downtown New London has hired an Interim General Manager.

Fiddleheads’ Board of Directors hired Wynston Estis, who hails from Madison Wisconsin, to join the Co-op to develop staff capacity and to improve store layout, offerings and pricing.  Under Ms. Estis’ leadership Fiddleheads is planning a store reset – a reorganization of shelving and store infrastructure- to make for a more intuitive experience for shoppers that will add more than 60 feet of grocery offering to the existing floorplan.  The reset is scheduled for the first week of November to be finished in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving season and will be managed completely by the staff of thirty. 

In addition to the reset Ms. Estis will be addressing product affordability.

She is currently working with staff to re-evaluate the store’s pricing and improving the availability of products that shoppers of all incomes can afford.

Fiddleheads will be bringing back a popular program that aims to increase the accessibility, consistency and affordability of basic groceries.  The newly re-introduced Fiddleheads Pantry will run in addition to a regular sales program that they offer throughout the month. Look for Pantry signs in the store beginning in the month of November as well.

Since early summer Fiddleheads offered a popular sampling program which they will continue into the fall.  Sampling is a good opportunity to try out new products and makes for a fun visit to the co-op.  Elisa Giommi (formerly chef-owner of Mangetout Organic Café on State Street) heads up the sampling program - further continuing her long-standing relationship with the co-op which began with selling her restaurant’s popular muffins and salads and now has her as a part-time employee.  Look forward to future samples by liking the Fiddleheads Facebook page,

November activities at Fiddleheads
November 1: Pantry promotion program
November 5: Reset the store
November 26: Eat Turkey/ Tofurkey and pie