Hospice Care: the Sooner One Calls, the Better One Lives

What better time than during National Hospice and Palliative Care Month to acknowledge Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut, a non-profit organization that emulates passion and dignity for patients entrusted in their care. One can only imagine the privilege and honor it is for our dedicated team of staff and volunteers to provide such comfort to patients and their families every step of the way.

All who are affiliated with Center for Hospice Care are committed to its mission, which is to provide quality care to people with life-limiting illnesses and support for their loved ones before and after death. Our interdisciplinary team-oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management, and spiritual resources, make a difference in the quality of life for each and every patient nearing death.

Availing our patients the opportunity to reconnect with people, places, and meaningful experiences from their past, or, if need be, encouraging veterans to talk before their death about what he or she may have encountered while serving our country, are just a few of the many programs offered at Center for Hospice Care to bring emotional well-being to end of life care.  

Allowing complex and strong emotions to be rendered into tangible forms that have the ability to express feelings, which often time, words alone cannot, is our Expressive Art Program. It is free of charge and open to anyone who has lost a loved one even if he or she were not in our hospice care. One needs to know bereavement counseling creates a meaningful life.  Although grieving is inevitable, one should never have to endure it alone.  

Support and resources to enhance the quality of life for patients and families is only a call away. May one never lose sight that every moment matters at Center for Hospice Care.