IRS Releases Updated Withholding Calculator and New Version of Form W-4

The IRS released an updated Withholding Calculator on and a new version of Form W-4 to help taxpayers check their 2018 tax withholding following passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December.  The IRS urges taxpayers to use these tools to make sure they have the right amount of tax taken out of their paychecks.  I know the timely, ready-to-use IRS information could fit into your communications and all your employees will also benefit from this information.
See an example of one of our communications that shares a very important message at Updated Withholding Calculator, Form W-4 Released; Calculator Helps Taxpayers Review Withholding Following New Tax Law | Internal Revenue Service.  That is just one example of what we can offer.  We have much, much more to share.  .