July 13th and 14th Mark Mudhead Benefit Cup for Center for Hospice Care

How many Sailors can the Mudheads get on stage?
The Mystic River Mudheads are already known for their ability to run a rockin’ race, but how many of these sailors can actually rock on guitar... or drums... or at the mike? Get ready to find out. July 13th and 14th mark the weekend of the Mudhead Benefit Cup for Center for Hospice Care. As with any regatta, skippers need Sailing Instructions, so for the Skipper’s ‘meeting’ - guitars are required to get your scratch sheet.
Beverages will be available and delicious food from Munchies food truck will be on site for purchase at Friday’s jam! The Racer’s Jam is slated for July 13th at 6 pm under the tent at Mystic Shipyard. Sailors and non-sailors welcome!
The fourth annual Dinghy Race by Volvo Construction Equipment, known as the SECOR Volvo Race in previous years, is back on July 12 and 13, 2018. The one-of-a-kind race is modeled after the Volvo Ocean Race, and allows participants between the ages of 12 and 18 to sail a 20-mile boat race around Fishers Island Sound in an experience normally reserved for older world-class skippers. The SECOR Volvo Race will finish at Mystic Shipyard. Come get your ssailing instructions and see these sailors finish!
Visit www.mudhead.org for more information and join your favorite rockin’ sailors for a goal of 100 guitars on stage!
For more information or to register for the race, visit: www.mudhead.org
For more information on Hospice SECT, visit: www.hospicesect.org
For more information on the SECOR Volvo Race, visit: http://thedinghyrace.com