Make Your Mark with the Political Candidate Academy

Eastern CT – The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT has announced it will hold a Political Candidate Academy for individuals seeking terms in elected positions. The Academy will span two sessions on Thursday, June 22 and Monday, June 26, both from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Admission is open to all with a one-time participation fee of $35 per individual. Attendance at both sessions is required. Sign up at or call (860) 701-9113.

The Political Candidate Academy is designed as a non-partisan introduction to the challenges of running for office and serving the community from an elected position.

The first session on June 22 will cover the basics of public service and what it means, the endorsement process, fundraising best practices, reporting requirements, and steps to encourage voter registration and turnout. The second session on June 26 will address campaign strategy and communications, signage rules, media relations, the Freedom of Information Act, and best practices for serving your constituency as an elected official.

Sessions will be led by a range of speakers with a wide range of experience running for office, helping other candidates run for office, and serving from elected positions.

“The Chamber is proud to provide this forum for individuals who want to make their mark on eastern CT by running for office,” said Tony Sheridan, President & CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT and former two-term First Selectman of the Town of Waterford. “Our region's social and economic fabric depends on a healthy, competitive political environment. If you have a passion for supporting your community, working with others, and making a difference in our state, join us to learn about running for office and serving the public.”

Find additional information about the Political Candidate Academy and register at or call (860) 701-9113. 

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About the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut:
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