Music Matters on YouTube: Schumann Chamber Duos from La Grua Center

Music Matters on YouTube: Schumann Chamber Duos
Saturday, January 23 at 5pm

Prerecorded at La Grua Center and aired on our YouTube channel. A private link to the concert will be shared with ticket holders the day of the concert.

Maksim Shtrykov, 19th-century-style boxwood clarinet
Misuzu Tanaka, piano

MM 11 Recital I – Clara & Robert Schumann, on boxwood clarinet
Clara Schumann Drei Romanzen, Op. 22
Robert Schumann F-A-E Sonata 2. Intermezzo (boxwood)
Schumann Adagio & Allegro, Op. 70
Schumann Fantasiestücke, Op. 73

Recital II – Robert Schumann, on boxwood & grenadilla clarinets
Drei Romanzen, Op. 94 (boxwood)
F-A-E Sonata 2. Intermezzo (grenadilla)
Fünf Stücke im Volkston, Op. 102 (boxwood)
Klavierstücke, Op. 85 12. Abendlied (boxwood)

each recital lasts ca. 30'

It is a true pleasure to welcome extraordinary clarinetist Maksim Shtrykov and sensitive pianist Misuzu Tanaka back to La Grua. Not only are they to record Robert Schumann's original duos with clarinet, they will introduce insightful transcriptions of music long familiar in its original oboe and violin versions. Schumann's incomparable chamber music has been at the very heart of the repertoire for 150 years. These duos are among the most beloved of all.

Maksim has immersed himself profoundly in clarinet repertoire. He and teacher-mentor Charles Neidich have been returning the haunting clarinet soundscapes for which 19th-century composers wrote to stage and disc. Maksim will play his newly-commissioned replica of an expressive, emotionally powerful boxwood clarinet of the Schumann-Brahms era. We'll peer over Maksim's and Misuzu's shoulders as they rekindle this intimate, touching sound world. The first program posts this October. The second will follow at an interval to be determined.

Clarinetists and aficionados of the instrument will delight in comparing performances of the same movement on a modern grenadilla clarinet (Recital II) and the 19th-c. boxwood instrument (Recital I).

This is the second concert in our (still virtual) 2020-2021 season. Sumptuous video with resonant, natural stereo. As you no doubt know, ticketed viewing on La Grua's YouTube channel is very modestly priced.

Tickets $10. Visit our website to purchase.