Mystic Aquarium Blog on Animal Enrichment

In this time of quarantine, Shelter-in-Place and self-isolation, a little levity is important. Over recent weeks, engaging videos from zoos and aquariums have gone viral, like our very own  “The Stare Down” featuring Clara the California sea lion and Rex the black Argentinian Tegu. And while these videos provide a much-needed diversion, they also provide an opportunity for accredited zoos and aquariums to highlight something of great significance: animal enrichment.

With vacant galleries and empty outdoor pathways, ‘built-in’ enrichment in the form of visitors goes away. So while enrichment becomes a bit more difficult, the closure allows for creativity from dedicated and compassionate animal care teams. We invite you to read the blog “Animal Enrichment: Its Importance - Now More Than Ever”   by Mystic Aquarium’s Laurie Macha, Curator & Carey Richard, Asst. Curator, to learn what steps Mystic Aquarium professionals are taking to provide enrichment to their animals and you.