Mystic Aquarium Welcomes Beluga Whale Natasha

Mystic Aquarium extremely excited to announce the arrival of Natasha, a 37-year old female beluga whale to Mystic Aquarium from SeaWorld San Antonio. 
As a mission-driven organization, Mystic Aquarium is keenly focused on and fully engaged in conserving and protecting beluga whales.  The addition of Natasha to the Arctic Coast allows us added opportunity to advance these important efforts.  There is a significant amount of work being done by Mystic Aquarium along with other accredited institutions both in the wild and in our facilities that will enable us to better understand the species and to inspire conservation and protection.
The move was part of the North American beluga whale breeding collaborative that helps to maximize genetic diversity and social dynamics to promote the integrity of the population of animals in our care.
Under careful observation by our Husbandry and Veterinary staff, Natasha is currently acclimating to the Arctic Coast exhibit in anticipation of introduction to Juno and Kela. Prior to Natasha’s arrival, Carey Richard traveled to San Antonio to begin building the important bond necessary for smooth transfer and acclimation of any animal.
For those of you who have long-tenure here at Mystic Aquarium, you may remember Natasha, who lived here previously along with her daughter Maris, before being transferred in 2002. We are so thrilled to have her back! 
We are all excited to expand our beluga whale social group and look forward to providing further enjoyment, education and inspiration to our guests.