Mystified Escape Room Adventures opens new game

Mystified Escape Room Adventures opens new game

Mystified offers live action escape game adventures.  As a player, you will work with a team in a themed room full of puzzles, clues, codes, locks and hidden objects.  Players must solve the game play within 60 minutes to win the game and “escape”.  Mystified’s newest game is “The Curtain Call”.   

In “The Curtain Call”:

It's one hour to “places” at La Rouge Mystére. Belle, the cabaret’s leading lady, is no where to be found. Everyone is worried because strange things have been going on backstage and accidents have been frequent. Her disappearance may be the latest tragedy. It is up to you, her fellow cast members, to find poor Belle and help her take the stage before the curtain call! Unless, of course, one of you are responsible for her disappearance...

A moderately difficult game perfect for groups.


Mystified features two additional escape room games: “Keeper of the Light” and “The Paradox”.   Mystified also offers corporate team building and private parties during the mid-day.


Co-owner Shelly Wilson says, “Our Escape Games are receiving 5 star ratings!  We are hoping “The Curtain Call” will appeal to a wide audience.  Even after you escape, you will find your mind replaying the game play for days to come!”


Mystified, LLC is locally owned and operated by Shelly Wilson of Waterford, CT.  Mystified takes bookings online through their website and in person during store hours.  Games are available Wednesday-Sunday.  Corporate team building and private parties may be booked Wed- Sun in the early afternoons.