New Podcast: Case Unsolved: The Story of Desiree Michaud, Episode 1

Case Unsolved: The Story of Desiree Michaud was released in podcast format on May 23 and will run for three successive Wednesdays.
Desiree Michaud was an 18-year-old prostitute in New London. She was prettier than most and a bit more sophisticated. At an early age she had been deemed artistically gifted. She hoped her painting ability would help her walk away from the streets for good. New London in the '80s, too, had big dreams: That artists and musicians could bring new life to the old port city.
In 1984, Desiree’s chances for a better life ended tragically, and her unsolved murder, some say, represented a sense of dashed hope for New London.
The Day newsroom spent months digging into the life and death of Desiree. Using old school reporting – combing through yellowed newspaper clips, talking to law enforcement sources and knocking on the doors of those who knew her -- we have produced a compelling narrative told through modern-day digital storytelling.
Desiree Michaud’s story will be told in three episodes, released on successive Wednesdays. Podcasts on other unsolved murders will follow.
You can listen to the podcast at or wherever you listen to podcasts.