Eastern Regional Tourism District Accepting Marketing Grant Applications

The Eastern Regional Tourism District (ERTD) has announced a Regional Marketing Partnership Program to provide grant funding for marketing initiatives in support of eastern Connecticut’s tourism economy.

Eastern Connecticut businesses, non-profits, and municipalities are encouraged to develop marketing plans, which could then be funded by the program if approved. Plans should focus on marketing eastern Connecticut’s tourism economy and encourage the safe enjoyment of Connecticut’s tourism opportunities as well as encourage collaboration and partnerships.

Applications will be accepted through Feb. 10.

“We encourage businesses, non-profits, and municipalities to submit a marketing plan that would award them up to $10,000 for the funding of initiatives to support eastern Connecticut’s tourism economy,” said Jim Bellano, Chairman of the District. “We’ve had three successful rounds of marketing grants that have provided grant money to organizations that otherwise might not have had the resources to market their programs.”

A total of $70,000 has been allocated by the Connecticut Office of Tourism to fund the program, with a cap of $10,000 being awarded to any single project.
Here are the 2023 Regional Marketing Partnership Program Submission Requirements:
1. All proposals must be submitted via email in PDF format to: visiteasternct@gmail.com.
2. The submission must contain: • Overview and full description of the project.
• Describe if the project is a one-time initiative or a long-term campaign.
• Timeline of the project.
• Measurable goals.
• Budget for the project.
• The towns and venues promoted through the program.
• Capacity to complete the project (i.e., does the grantee have staff or the professional capacity to complete the proposed project?).
• What are the sources of matching cash funds?
• The number of collaborative entities involved in the project. A collaborative entity is an active partner in the project, not merely a tourism entity that may benefit from the project.
• The number of visitors who will be impacted by the project.
• The seasons this project will occur.
• In what way does the project fulfill an unmet regional tourism need?
• Have you received a grant from ERTD in the past? If so, please describe.

3. Applicants are eligible for one program grant per funding cycle.

4. All application materials become the property of the ERTD.

 Guidelines Link for Applicants

Partners will be required to submit regular expenditure and work reports to the ERTD within 60 days of the agreement. Upon completion of this program, awardees must submit a final report to the ERTD documenting the use of grant funds. The ERTD Grants Committee will select program participants To submit a plan for consideration, the plan must be in PDF format and submitted to Rachel Lenda at the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut at visiteasternct@gmail.com. Plans should include a full project description, timeline, measurable goals, and proposed budget. Applicants will be eligible for one program grant per year.