Governor Lamont announces strategic workforce development plan

Governor Lamont announced a strategic workforce development plan this week that will aid in the development of a more equitable, inclusive, and innovative workforce in Connecticut.

The modern workplace is changing faster than the education and government sectors. This plan addresses that shift and takes the appropriate actions to ensure current and future generations of workers can participate in the growth and innovation of the Connecticut economy.

The plan was developed by the Governor’s Workforce Council and is designed to meet the needs of our current economic environment while also being able to adapt to the state’s future needs.
This strategic plan focuses on four key areas:

  1. Developing a workforce agenda that reflects the talent needs of business and industry
  2. Building an educational system that is agile and able to meet these needs
  3. Ensuring students and job seekers have the support they need to maintain participation in the workforce
  4. Crafting a data system infrastructure that tracks outcomes and progress of the workforce over time
The Governor’s Workforce Council and partners from around the state worked to develop the recommendations for this plan with the support of DECD’s Office of Workforce Strategy, led by Kelli Vallieres.
By partnering with industry representatives, educators, state agencies, local and national policymakers, community-based organizations, and other key stakeholder groups, we are confident this plan will enhance Connecticut’s already robust workforce and support the state’s long-term economic plan.