Self-care practice for artists & Connecting your artistic practice with the business sector

These sessions are open to all Connecticut artists!
Self-Care Practice for Artists
Self-Care Practice for Artists is a workshop designed to offer a safe space and supportive environment for artists to come together and consult with a panel of coaches and healers who specialize in healing efforts for creative individuals. The workshop will address how to clear blocks, work through resistance, manage anxiety, and develop recovery routines so you can continue to create, even during challenging times.
Register for the November 10 session HERE.
Connecting your Artistic Practice with the Business Sector
Connecting your Artistic Practice with the Business Sector will focus on personal development practices for artists that explores successful business strategies from other sectors, inspires cross-sector partnerships, and deepens professional outreach and audience growth opportunities. This workshop welcomes artists and creative business professionals from all sectors and artistic disciplines.
Register for the November 17 session HERE.