Upcoming CTSBDC Webinars

How to Apply for PPP: Focus on Small Employers

February 11 @ 12pm

 Since released in early 2020 under the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has undergone several changes.

 Most recently, the Economic Aid Act of December 2020, renewed PPP funding allowing for first time and second time applications.

 Our advisors will walk through how PPP specifically works for you, whether this is your first time applying or you are seeking additional funds. We will also explain how the allowable uses have been updated and expanded.

 We will cover:

  • How to calculate the amount you are eligible for;
  • Allowable payroll and non-payroll loan uses;
  • Documentation needed; and
  • Forgiveness enhancements

 Webinar tailored for: Small Business with 2 or more employees

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 There is no cost for this webinar but registration is required.


Unemployment Resources & PPP

February 16, 2021 @ 9am

 The Economic Aid Act signed in December 2020, renews funding for several direct relief programs, extends unemployment assistance programs, and provides additional support for the Shared Work Program which allows employers to reduce employee hours while avoiding layoffs.

 The CT Department of Labor will join us to review the details of these programs and discuss the new federal Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation program for residents who have both self-employment earnings as well as W-2 earnings. Presenting will be Daryle Dudzinski, Deputy Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Labor.

 While self-employed individuals and employers explore these programs, many have questions about how these interact with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Our CTSBDC Business Advisors will cover essential steps and considerations for employers and self-employed navigating both.

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 There is no cost for this webinar but registration is required.




In partnership with Eversource

February 25 @ 11am

 Managing costs and safety are critical concerns for business owners today.  This webinar will provide insight on how improvements to your heating and cooling system can impact customer comfort, safety and energy consumption.

 Eversource’s Alex Sopelak will explore case studies and the resources available to help you pursue these and other energy efficiency opportunities in your business:

  • HVAC in Small Business
  • Incentives for HVAC improvements
  •  Measuring Efficiency
  • Best Practices for Minimizing COVID-19
  • Financing Options

 CTSBDC’s Sade Owoye will discuss best practices, assessment, and considerations in evaluating and pursuing energy efficiency opportunities in your business.

 REGISTER NOW >> https://ctsbdc.com/efficient-business-serving-customers-and-saving-energy/

 There is no cost for this webinar but registration is required.