NESS Receives $25,000 Silver-level Sponsorship For Online Experiential Learning Programs

The New England Science & Sailing Foundation (NESS) received its first "Silver" sponsorship for its Online Experiential Learning programs, in memory of Mr. Steve Stillerman. Spike Lobdell, NESS President & CEO, commented “our online experiential learning programs are a very important resource to advance student engagement and learning during this pandemic. We are grateful to have this support which helps NESS support more students during this tough time.”
Steve's friends Mark Bates and Roy Flikoff made the donation in his honor and shared the following statement:
Steve was a life-long sailor and loved the water. If we had to choose a few words to describe Steve, they would include respect, loyalty, wisdom, and generosity. For Steve was a person that valued people and used his experience to help others succeed.
Steve offered much as a leader and business partner. He was a good listener, and you knew he kept an open mind through a discussion. This in combination with his decisiveness made him a great leader. His gentle nature and kindness ensured that no one ever felt slighted by an outcome different from their own view.
As a mentor, Steve could tell you something about yourself without making you self-conscious. He was always encouraging, pushing you to reach your goals or do what you knew needed to be done, but for some reason had not yet accomplished. Steve was someone with whom you could share your thoughts, concerns, and goals and he would make you believe it will all work out your way.
He had confidence without the swagger, he could offer his well-founded opinion without offense, he remained calm in adversity, he did not allow the details to overshadow the goal, he commanded respect without dominating the room, and he was happy and always focused on the positive.
The NESS Core Values are in complete alignment with how Steve led his life and we are proud to support the programs in his honor.
NESS is grateful for the support of our growing Online Experiential Learning programs that actively engages students through inquiry-based learning by doing, seeing, and feeling first-hand. The online classes, which are live and led by NESS educators, are based on NESS's accredited in-person learning opportunities and meet the Next Generation Science Standards. For more information on online programs, please head to