A Morning Without Childcare: What Would You Do?

TVCCA is participating in the March 8th Event – A Morning without Childcare.  This event is happening throughout Connecticut.    A Morning without Childcare is designed to raise awareness of the crisis in childcare in Connecticut and to highlight that every family needs and should have access to high-quality, affordable childcare.  Another goal of this event is to ensure child care providers have livable incomes, not only for themselves but also so that we have experienced, qualified professionals educating our youngest children.  TVCCA will be hosting an event at 8am, Wednesday, March 8th at 36-40 Central Avenue, Groton.

Groton, New London, Norwich and most of New London County are child care deserts.  Our area has an inadequate supply of childcare for the families who need it.  Fewer and fewer children can get quality childcare and fewer and fewer parents can work.  The major problems are that childcare is unaffordable to 80% of parents:  parents’ fees and government subsidies are not enough to support fair wages for childcare professionals; the economy of Eastern Connecticut needs parents of young children in the workforce.   Connecticut loses $765 million per year in lost productivity, revenue and earnings due to gaps in childcare.

Chelsea Groton values the role TVCCA plays in supporting the labor force participation rate in Southeastern Connecticut.  With Connecticut short nearly 50,000 child care spots before the pandemic, and the number of child care providers declining over 10% since the pandemic began.  

About TVCCA: Thames Valley Council for Community Action, Inc. (TVCCA) is a private, non-profit organization that has been providing social services in southeastern Connecticut since 1965. TVCCA is well recognized as a community leader – and partner – in advocating for and meeting the needs of the region’s economically and otherwise disadvantaged citizens.   For more information visit tvcca.org or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @TVCCAcares.