Eastern Regional Tourism District Announces Recipients of $70,000

Grant money given to 15 businesses, non-profits, and municipalities

 The Eastern Regional Tourism District (ERTD) has granted 15 organizations a combined total of $70,000 for various initiatives this spring and summer.  Called the Regional Marketing Partnership Grant Program, it’s a one-to-one match for deserving organizations that have satisfied all grant requirements, including the ability to match their grant funding request.
The net result is a total marketing investment of $140k into eastern Connecticut’s tourism economy.
In all, 20 businesses, non-profits, and municipalities applied for the money.
“The recipients of the partnership grants developed well thought-out projects that will extend the districts and the state’s ability to entice tourists to visit our region. We’re excited to see the outcomes,” said Francesca Kefalas, the ERTD Grants Committee Chair.
These are the 15 winners:

·        The America Museum
·        Blackhall Outfitters
·        City of New London
·        Connecticut's Countryside
·        Discover the Thames
·        New England Mountain Bike Association
·        Putnam Business Association
·        ThinkMystic.Com
·        Thompson Cemetery Visitor Guide
·        Explore Plainfield
·        Town of Pomfret
·        Westford Hill Distillers
·        Willimantic Downtown Neighborhood Association
·        Windham Historical Society – Jillson House
·        Windham Preservation, Inc.
The winning businesses, non-profits, and municipalities developed marketing plans focused on marketing eastern Connecticut’s tourism economy and encouraging the safe enjoyment of Connecticut’s tourism opportunities as well as boosting collaboration and partnerships.
“We’re proud to be awarding these grants and partnering with organizations in our district that otherwise may not have had the opportunity to market their programs,” said Jim Bellano, Chairman of the District.
About Connecticut Eastern Regional Tourism District
Provides visitor information for 41 cities and towns for the eastern region of Connecticut. The mission of the Eastern Regional Tourism District is to stimulate and support the growth of eastern Connecticut’s tourism economy by providing marketing, grant and collaboration opportunities for the region’s municipalities and tourism venues throughout Eastern Connecticut.