Vessel Ready for Boarding at 174 Bank Street in New London

Neil Rubler-founded Company Adds 30 Attainably Priced, Sustainable New Homes to Market

 Vessel Technologies, Inc., a mission-driven housing product company and franchisor that provides communities, institutions, and developers with high-quality, sustainable, and attainably priced homes, is putting the finishing touches on its five-story building at 174 Bank Street. The company and the city celebrated their partnership, which brings 30 much-needed, new homes to the city’s resurgent downtown, with a brief event on the site earlier today.

“We were proud to partner with New London’s exceptional leadership to create homes that offer everyone an equal opportunity for an extraordinary life,” said Neil Rubler, Vessel’s Founder and CEO. “Vessel provides an alternative to the status quo, rethinking design, construction processes, and the ownership, financing and management of real estate to repair our nation’s broken housing model.”


The new Vessel building, which is nearing completion, is located on a previously long-vacant lot. It adds 30 new health-conscious and universally accessible one-bedroom homes to the market at prices attainable for first responders, teachers, service and municipal employees, young adults and seniors who would otherwise be priced out of the historic community.