Thames River Heritage Park kicked off 2021 season June 12

This Saturday, June 12 kicks off our 2021 season. From discounts on harbor cruises, brand new historic boat tours, and a free shuttle service to many of our Groton partner sites, it's sure to be a wonderful start to the summer.

New London earned its "Whaling City" nickname as one of the busiest whaling ports in the country in the 19th century, a time when whale oil was in great demand. More than 1,100 whaling voyages embarked from the city and the industry created great wealth and opportunity, as well as great misery for many. This tour will tell some of New London's whaling stories: from the captains who commanded the ships and the racially diverse crews who risked their lives on the voyages to the women who waited in port and the few who joined their husbands at sea.

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