Three Rivers College Foundation Receives $28,000 in Grants from the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut

The Three Rivers College Foundation was the recipient of two grants, totaling $28,000, from the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut. The first grant of $18,000 will provide support for nursing education at the College. The second grant of $10,000 will go towards Environmental Research, Fieldwork, and Hands-on Learning Internship Opportunities for students in Three Rivers STEM disciplines.

Three Rivers Community College is the only higher education institution in Southeastern Connecticut that teaches future nurses. In Southeastern Connecticut, when you enter a hospital or care facility, there is a high likelihood that a Three Rivers nurse is providing your care. TRCC nurses train, live, and work in this shared community. As healthcare rapidly changes due to the ever-increasing role that COVID plays in our community, TRCC is prepared to train the nurses of tomorrow thanks to grant funding, like this opportunity from the Community Foundation.

Additionally, the Environmental Opportunities Project will provide environmental education, research, and fieldwork for community college students from TRCC who are interested in the environment and STEM disciplines. Providing community college students with real research opportunities opens the doors to more opportunities and success in the science and environmental disciplines.

The Three Rivers College Foundation, in partnership with the Community Foundation, remains committed to providing financial support for educational opportunities in Southeastern Connecticut.