Sailors Race to End Homelessness - Mystic River Mudhead Sailing Association Partners with Always Home

For over 30 years, Mudhead sailors have raised funds and awareness for worthy charities with the Mudhead Benefit Regatta and MegaParty. This past Saturday, July 15, 2023, at Mystic Shipyard, the annual Mudhead Benefit Cup Regatta & MegaParty netted over $15,000 for the Mystic-based nonprofit Always Home.
“The Mudheads and Always Home were a natural fit when we were choosing a new beneficiary. I have worked with Tricia Cunningham- the Executive Director of Always Home – on many projects over the last twenty years. Her passion for her community is palpable and her dedication to this event has been tremendous,” said Courtney Moore, co-chair of this year’s event. “Our entire team works diligently, and we could not do this without the many sponsors, auction donors, prize drawing donors and volunteers. It is a true partnership.”
Tricia Cunningham, Executive Director of Always Home, said, “We are grateful to the Mudheads for their amazing support and the opportunity to share with new friends Always Home’s mission, Preventing Family Homelessness.” Started 25 years ago, today Always Home is a leading provider of homelessness prevention services throughout Eastern Connecticut. What makes Always Home unique is a targeted focus on families with minor children. “Our goal is to work alongside families to stabilize their housing before an episode of housing insecurity spirals out of control,” said Cunningham. “By acting proactively, when a family needs help with the cost of a car repair, childcare or a past-due rent, we can get ahead of homelessness. A stable home is essential to a child’s wellbeing. When we help a family stay housed, we’re giving children a stronger foundation to grow and thrive.”
Thirty-two boats registered for the Mudhead Benefit Cup with five classes. The winners are Class One (PHRF - Non-Spinnaker) David Kelly in Mast Transit; Class Two (One Design) Liz Sistare’s Life Aquatic; Class Three (PHRF – Spinnaker) Bob Bruno on Arabesque; Class Four (ORC) John Fries on Details, Shields Class Lee Reichart on Rebel. The sailors also had the opportunity to set up Champion pages, a peer-to-peer fundraising platform. The highest fundraising team was Team Patriot (Toby Halsey/Courtney Moore).
 “It was such an honor seeing our sailing community and our local community come together to support Always Home. Teamwork at its best. It's a good feeling knowing that we can have fun and make a difference at the same time, and I look forward to continuing the partnership for years to come,” said Bethany Goddiess, co-chair of this year’s event.
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