Always Home Completes Window Replacement Project Thanks to Two Major Gifts

In true community spirit, Always Home completed a major window replacement project this week thanks to The Edward & Mary Lord Foundation and a Rotary Foundation Humanitarian District Managed Grant that matches the support of the Mystic, Groton and Stonington Rotary Clubs. Installation of the new windows will improve safety and energy efficiency at two residential properties Always Home owns in Groton, CT.
Always Home’s mission is Preventing Family Homelessness. “The high cost of our region’s rental housing market is pricing working families out of their homes,” stated Betty Smith, Always Home’s Executive Director. “The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your monthly gross income on housing, yet our client families typically spend 50% or more of their wages just to keep a roof over their kids’ heads. When you’re living this close to the edge, one minor financial crisis can trigger a slide into homelessness.”
The below-market-rate rentals are one of the agency’s successful homelessness prevention programs. Each property has two, 3-bedroom, furnished apartment units that Always Home rents to low-income, working families at below market rates, utilities included. By providing year-long leases to families at rents they can afford, parents are given the opportunity to improve their financial stability and credit history, develop good tenancy skills and build a more resilient future for their children.
Though the properties have been well maintained by Always Home, aging windows needed to be replaced. Always Home is grateful for the generous support of The Edward & Mary Lord Foundation, the Rotary Club of Mystic, the Rotary Club of Groton, the Rotary Club of the Stoningtons and the matching grant from Rotary District 7980 that made this work possible.
Smith expects to see a surge in the number of families at risk of homelessness in the months ahead. “The business closures and record unemployment brought on by COVID-19 have devastated the finances of families across Connecticut,” she said. “Regionally, families who never imagined they wouldn’t be able to pay their rent will face evictions.”  But Smith and the Always Home staff believe that through the support of the community, their agency can help turn that tide. Smith added, “Together, we can change the life of local families and their children.”