TVCCA Can Assist With Overdue Energy Bills

 Connecticut Regulators gave permission to Eversource to shut off electricity and gas to customers with financial or medical hardships.  The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) will allow shut-offs beginning May 2, 2023.  Customers participating in a payment plan program may be protected from service disconnections.

TVCCA has funding to assist customers with past due utility payments and can work with community members to establish a payment plan or qualify for the New Start Program with Eversource.  

 “We understand that families are still struggling in the aftermath of the pandemic,” stated Deb Monahan, CEO.  “As we prepare to accept Energy Assistance applications on September 1st – our staff is prepared to help families negotiate affordable utility repayment plans and even assist with payment of utility arrearages.”

Contact numbers for those seeking assistance with utility arrearages:
New London Area: 860-444-0006; Norwich Area: 860-889-1365

Contact number for clients seeking assistance with home heating bills:
New London County residents: 860-425-6681