Whale Tail Driftwood Grand Opening September 24 in Niantic

New London Attorney Bruce Chamberlain will have achieved a longtime dream with the grand opening of Whale Tail Driftwood furniture shop in Niantic on Saturday September 24, 2022. Over the course of his life as a recreational boater and Connecticut shoreline resident, Bruce has collected hundreds of aesthetically shaped pieces of driftwood that caught his eye. Although most recreational boaters would consider driftwood to be a hazard to navigation Bruce has come to admire the water and sun weathered wood as natures’ works of art.

In recent years Bruce connected with wood craftsman Paul McMasters who applied his skills to create artistic tables and mirrors from Bruce’s driftwood collection. Until now only friends and family have been able to see and enjoy Bruce’s driftwood furniture.

Whale Tail Driftwood is located at 180 Flanders Road in Niantic. Grand Opening hours are from 12 Noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday September 24. Additional parking is available at the rear of building.

One unique aspect of Whale Tail Driftwood is that the business shares space with Tracy Ann, Psychic Medium who practices at that location as a separate business.

For further information or request for photography please contact Bruce Chamberlain directly at 860-460-7101 or you can send an email to bac@chamberlainlawoffice.com

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