Reliance Health GSA to Host Stonewall Speakers

The Connecticut Stonewall Speakers are coming to Norwich!

When: Wednesday, November 7th
Time: 5-7 pm
Where: The Community Conference Room at Otis Library - 261 Main Street, Norwich, CT

The Stonewall Speakers is a panel consisting of volunteer speakers from the LGBTQ Community who openly share their stories and perspectives in order to create an atmosphere where diversity is expressed and honored.

The Stonewall Speakers volunteers offer an opportunity for members of the community to become educated on issues related to the LGBTQ community and different aspects of gender orientation and sexual identity. It is a unique opportunity to generate authentic conversation between groups of individuals who might not ordinarily interact and thus promote understanding, tolerance and diversity.

This event is free! Please register through Eventbrite to reserve your seat: 

This event is sponsored by the Gay Straight Alliance associated with Reliance Health, Inc.. which welcomes anyone who is interested to attend their meetings the first and third Thursday of every month from 2-4 pm in the large conference room at 2 Cliff Street. For any questions please call Jessica @ (860) 887-6536 ext: 267.