Self-Compassion and Resilience for Healers Working with Trauma and Problem Gamblers

July 28, 1-2 pm

Compassion Fatigue is an occupational hazard for those who are in the practice of helping others to make lifestyle transformations. This workshop will address and explore responses to trauma from the perspective of clients and helping professionals. Participants will learn techniques for working with trauma survivors and gamblers. It is also essential for healers to be resilient in order to maintain peak performance while providing services to those in need. This workshop is a training to help caregivers maintain and build resilience by using mindfulness-based practices that result in the enhancement of self-care.
Learning Objectives
Attendees will:
  • Explore and discuss the impact of caring and compassion fatigue
  • Understand the role of trauma in the treatment of gambling disorders
  • Address the toll that helping and being a healer has on our physical and emotional well-being
  • Understand the challenge for healers to remain resilient in response to the demands of our work
Cost is $15.  Register Here. 

Presented by Anthony S. Parente, M.A., L.C.P.C., N.C.C., M.A.C., I.C.G.C. II, BACC
Mr. Parente is a mental health professional and addictions specialist with over 36 years of service in the field of addiction and mental health treatment. He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Couonselor with a private practice in Lutherville, Maryland.