Stonington COMO Awards $62,950 in 2022 College Scholarships

The Stonington Community Center (COMO) awards college scholarships annually to Stonington youth pursuing a higher education. This year a total of $62,950 was distributed to 39 youth from the six college scholarship funds the COMO manages without fee.  Scholarships are awarded to students who display a commitment to community, service, leadership and academic achievement.
This year’s scholarship awards were presented to the following students:
Hendricks Whitman Award and Scholarship: Nikhil Desai. The Whitman Award is awarded to a member of the Stonington Community Center who best exemplifies qualities of leadership and citizenship. Mary H. Boatwright Endowment Fund Scholarship: Cayla Beverly, Alex Carsten, and Samuel Montalto Robert and Doris Ramsbotham Scholarship Endowment Fund: Caroline Andrews, Madison Geiger and Stephanie Webber Frank Turek Scholarship Endowment Fund: Mark Costanzo and Krista Jones The Josh Piver Scholarship: Sydney Champaigne, Mark Costanzo, Cole Devoe, Sophia Fernholz, Katherine Glenn, Krista Jones, and Chase Williams Francis Drake Endowment Fund: William Banfield, Isabella Basile, Jackson Bernard, Chloe Chenot, Luke Costanzo, William deCastro, Nikhil Desai, Cole Devoe, Sophia Fernholz, Alex Fidrych, Olivia Fustini, Abigail Gibson, Katherine Glenn, Ruth Greene, Dillon Griscom, Deidra Hall, Katherine Johnstone, Ray Jones, Tori Lopresto, Hailey Main, Chloe Morehouse, Molly Neale, Patrick Obrey, Emma O’Keefe, Jesse Pacheco, Owen Phelan, George Rodgers, William Sawin, Christopher White, and Izadora Yarnall.
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About The Stonington Community Center
The Stonington Community Center, fondly known as the COMO, was founded in 1945, as a nonprofit with the goals of strengthening families and community. Over the years, the COMO’s 16-acre campus has grown to include its own classrooms, Thrift Shop, four decoTurf tennis courts, art and pottery studio, paddle tennis facility, and soccer fields. The COMO provides a wide range of educational, enrichment, athletic, family, and community partnership programs throughout the year. Located at 28 Cutler Street, the COMO has become an irreplaceable part of the Stonington community, serving countless children and families of the surrounding areas, regardless of financial need. For more information, visit