Submarines, Battlefields & Betrayers Boat Tour: Military Stories on the Thames

Thames River Heritage Park invites you to hop aboard one of our navy utility boats for a fascinating narrated 90-minute tour. You'll Hear about privateers, Battle of Groton Heights, Benedict Arnold and the burning of New London, the world’s first nuclear submarine, life on SUBASE New London and more.

For centuries our harbor has guarded the Thames River and entry to Long Island Sound, with Navy and Coast Guard installations, the ship building industries that support them, as well as two forts that have seen battles, defeats and the birthplace of the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. From the vantage point of the river you‘ll understand the strategic value of this storied waterway and region and hear a few of the 1000 stories in the Park.

Tours leave New London City Pier at 4:30 on Saturday and 3:30 on Sunday with dates in July and August. Tickets are $20 for adults, $12 for children under 12. For more information and tickets, visit