Summertime Means Cruise Time at Project Oceanology

Summertime Means Cruise Time at Project Oceanology
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Groton, CT – Experience the majestic coastal waters of Long Island Sound, Fishers Island Sound, and the Thames River on a Project Oceanology summer cruise like none other offered in southeastern Connecticut aboard our 55- or 65-foot Enviro-Lab research vessels.

Oceanographic Cruises
Project Oceanology’s Enviro-Lab doubles as a floating classroom, transporting sea-going visitors to Long Island Sound and Fishers Island Sound for a one-of-a-kind cruise experience. For 2½ hours, guests immerse themselves in all of the elements of marine biology while cruising the waters and testing for temperature, salinity, oxygen and more.

Discover the rich diversity of life beneath the waves by bringing up marine animals with a trawl net and collecting plankton, the base of the marine food web, or by pulling aboard lobster pots often filled with a variety of marine life. Most of all: Have Fun!!

Lighthouse Expeditions
Join us for a 2½-hour cruise to a distinctive Southeastern Connecticut landmark and architectural gem: New London Ledge Lighthouse, standing sentinel at the mouth of the Thames River between Groton and New London. Since 1909, this beacon has guided vessels from wooden schooners to nuclear submarines.

Project Oceanology’s Enviro-Lab II boat is the only large vessel carrying lighthouse guests to this magnificent French Second Empire-style structure for a first-hand look inside. Tours by the Ledge Lighthouse Foundation include seeing a film, a new interpretive center, exhibits and maybe even a sighting of Ernie, the legendary lighthouse ghost. 

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