TapSnap 1188 is Franchisee of the Year

At the end of every year it is the team at TapSnap headquarters' pleasure to pick out a few franchisees who have been making impressive headway in the photo booth industry and have been superlative in representing the TapSnap brand.

This year, the team chose the following franchisee to take the Franchisee of the Year crown (well, there's no crown, but there is a badge):

Tammy Lonergan (TapSnap 1188)
Tammy and her daughter Viktorija prove that a TapSnap franchise makes a great family business! Always enthusiastic and great to work with, Sky has described Tammy as "the ultimate team player". Tammy and Viktorija's wonderful enthusiasm has shone through in in their willingness to service even the smallest event in Boston, despite living a couple of hours away, and always with smiles on their faces!

Everyone who comes into contact with Tammy immediately gets a sense of her warm personality and we're certainly lucky to have her positive energy within our team. Tammy and Viktorija even made a surprise visit to corporate HQ in Vancouver, BC in 2018!

Tammy has said that she and her daughter are grateful to TapSnap for "the camaraderie, guidance, expertise, creativity and support we experience with the corporate team and fellow franchisees" and that they are happy to have had opportunities to "create special memories together servicing all types of events."

This Franchisee is now the proud owners of the coveted Franchisee of the Year email badge, as well as the winners of an exclusive event package which includes a photography backdrop and lights.

At the end of the year as we reflected on what a successful year we've had, we realized once again how fortunate we are to have our franchisees! All of the franchisees recognize that the success we enjoy is truly a team effort, and as Tammy says, we're part of an extended family.

Here's to another successful year in 2019!