ThayerMahan Applies its Acoustic Expertise to Detecting and Reporting Offshore Illegal Fishing Activity

Groton, Connecticut (3 December 2020) - ThayerMahan, Inc., a world leader in autonomous maritime security solutions, completed operational testing and evaluation that demonstrated its Outpost and SeaWatch autonomous systems could identify, localize, and report illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.  According to the US Coast Guard’s Strategic Outlook on IUU Fishing released earlier this year, illegal fishing has replaced piracy as the leading global maritime security threat.

Diagram of ThayerMahan’s Outpost system identifying, localizing, and reporting illegal fishing
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Operating off Cape Cod and Key West, ThayerMahan showed its systems could detect and pinpoint fishing vessels based on their acoustic signature and electronic information.  A persistent unmanned search, detection, and reporting capability can dramatically reduce costs compared with manned ships and aircraft such as those owned and operated by government and law enforcement agencies.  Persistent surveillance such as that provided by ThayerMahan systems can help counter illegal fishing activities that threaten natural resources and economic livelihoods.  Operating unmanned systems at scale provides extensive geographic coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring capabilities.
ThayerMahan President and CEO, Mike Connor stated, “Operational testing verified our unmanned systems can detect, localize and monitor IUU fishing vessels. Our systems provide a cost-effective way to deter illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing that threatens our ocean’s ecosystem and sustainable fisheries. ThayerMahan is proud to use its cutting-edge technology to enhance food security and the welfare of maritime habitats and coastal communities around the world.”
ThayerMahan has over 350+ years of maritime operational experience and 125+ years of sonar operational experience in the most challenging seaborne environments. Founded by retired Navy Admiral Mike Connor in 2016, the company specializes in unmanned autonomous sensing and reporting systems for the U.S. Navy, DoD, and other government and commercial customers.  
About ThayerMahan
ThayerMahan, Inc. is a maritime technology company dedicated to providing its clients with turn-key autonomous marine solutions, including deployment, operations, data gathering and analysis services, using state-of-the-art acoustic and electronic sensors integrated on a variety of host platforms tailored to specific mission criteria. The company is headquartered in Groton, CT with additional locations in Lexington, MA; Boston and Washington DC.

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