USCGA Alumni Association Launches Campaign to Support Coast Guard Personnel

Money raised will help the local and national Coast Guard community affected by the shutdown.
New London, CT – The USCGA Alumni Association launched a $150,000 crowdfunding campaign to support U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadets, local Coast Guard personnel, and Coast Guard personnel throughout the country affected by the shutdown. Money raised will be evenly split between providing financial support to the USCG Southeastern Connecticut Chief Petty Officers Association and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, as well as, providing cadets with gift cards to the local Coast Guard Academy Exchange store.
Since launching the campaign on January 16, the Alumni Association has already raised more than $100,000 and were able to make initial payments to help those in need. On Thursday January 17, the Alumni Association provided $10,000 to the USCG Southeastern Connecticut Chief Petty Officers Association to support their ability to provide gift cards to local Coast Guard personnel to meet basic needs such as gas and groceries. An additional $15,000 will be provided to them next week. The Association also purchased 1000+ $50 Coast Guard Exchange gift cards for distribution early next week to cadets, who are also affected by the shutdown.
“While 3 meals a day will be served to cadets, other incidentals, hygiene products, snacks, and school supplies that they normally purchase themselves will be impacted,” said CAPT Andrea Marcille, USCG (ret), president of the USCGA Alumni Association. “Some cadets have families that may help them out, but many cadets, including international cadets, do not have that support. We are trying to ease the burden and be prepared if the extended shutdown continues.”
The Alumni Association is also planning on providing $25,000 to Coast Guard Mutual Assistance next week to assist in their efforts to help Coast Guard personnel throughout the country. Upon hitting their goal of $150,000, the remaining funds will be provided to both Coast Guard Mutual Assistance and the local Chief Petty Officers Association to continue supporting their efforts.
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About the USCGA Alumni Association
Founded in 1887 and located on the grounds of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT, the USCGA Alumni Association exists to provide services to, and promote fellowship among, the Alumni of the Coast Guard Academy. It also raises funds to provide “margins of excellence” support to the Corps of Cadets, the Academy, and the Coast Guard in order to preserve the traditions and enhance the reputation of the Coast Guard Academy.