Flanders Fish Market

Flanders Fish Market



About Us

A proud member of CT Restaurant Association Hospitality Hall of Fame, Flanders Fish has been providing the freshest ingredients to our guests for over 32 years!

Paul and Donna Formica opened Flanders Fish Market & Restaurant in the fall of 1983, renovating a single-family house into a specialty market providing high quality fresh fish and seafood along with a small line of prepared food items. Within months, Paul’s clear clam chowder became a top seller and soon customers began to clamor for fish and chips.

Today, the fish market is also home to a 150-seat restaurant whose kitchen is presided over by award-winning chefs. Our fish and chips, ever so popular, was featured on the Food Network’s “Best of Fingerlickin’ Favorites”. Each day’s menu showcases innovative and delicious seafood dishes


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