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bionaturæ® (bee-oh-na-too-ray) roughly translates to mean ''organic nature.'' For the founders of the company it means this and far more. It means the celebration of Old World tradition, of authentic Italian food and of family. All of our raw materials are grown organically on small family farms in remote hillside locations. We are importers of Italian pasta, olive oil, vinegars, tomatoes, fruit spreads and fruit nectars. We are proud to present to you bionaturæ®, the premier line of traditional, organic Italian foods.

Jovial Foods, Inc. is a family owned company that is dedicated to crafting exceptionally delicious, traditional foods for individuals with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and those looking for great-tasting, healthy options. Our ingredients are of exceptionally high quality and are always cultivated with truly sustainable farming methods. Artisan producers then carefully craft all of Jovial's products using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations. We are importers of Italian pasta, olive oil, tomatoes, einkorn wheat berries and einkorn flour, gluten free flours, beans, Italian style cookies and sourdough crackers.


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