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About Us

StoryMatters, LLC creates transformation in businesses and with individuals, using elements of Storytelling and improv to mine better communication, empathy, listening and learning. We specializes in the areas of science, technology and information security, as well as HR issues such as change management and gender communication bias.
We believe that shifting the stories we tell others and the ones we tell ourselves change hearts and change minds. And a change to hearts and minds creates true transformation within a person, an organization and within an audience.
Services include:
• Group facilitation and facilitation design
• Public Speaking coaching for individuals and teams, including sales teams
• Storytelling coaching
• Applied Improvisation for better communication

Contact us and let us know how we can create change for you.
Known as the “Geek Translator” owner Bridget K. Brown is a master facilitator who works with HR Teams, C-Suites, Entrepreneurs and Sales Teams. Bridget has trained at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University and Duarte Academy for Presentation Skills in Silicon Valley.
She is a former Adjunct Instructor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Washington University in St Louis. She has created global security awareness programs for two Fortune 500 companies; coached scientists in TEDx talks and helped organizations within the healthcare industry tell stories which aid them to sell their data-driven products in order to increase their bottom line.