Checking in with Coast Guard Strength Coach at Panthers Camp

Hassell with 12 year veteran center and five-time Pro Bowler Ryan Kalil. Photo courtesy of the Carolina PanthersSpartanburg, SC  Coast Guard head strength & conditioning coach Shaakira Hassell enters her second week of working with the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL). Earliers this summer, Hassell was selected for the Bill Walsh Minority and Diversity Coaching Fellowship with the Carolina Panthers. The NFL Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship is proud to celebrate 30 years of helping outstanding coaches gain exposure to NFL training camps and offseason workout programs.

The Panthers have been keeping Hassell busy, but she has found time to check in with the Bears during the Panthers' busy training camp. Take a quick look at her first week that saw her reconnect with one of her old players and talk with head coach Ron Rivera.

"Day 7....First day off for the players. So far it has been a fantastic experience working with the Panthers but I can tell the guys definitely needed the day to recover and rest. As of the first day of practice, I was put in charge of two injured athletes to train on the sideline while head coach Ron Rivera ran practice. I am also in charge of one of three lifting stations in the weight room during the team lift. The front seven (linemen and linebackers) have currently lifted twice post practice during the first week. The out of the box players (skill guys) have only lifted once so far but will catch up tomorrow after they return from their day off. It is pretty cool to see that the Coast Guard Academy Football team works just as hard as the Panthers in the weight room. The team and coaches have all welcomed me in and are getting used to having me around and working with them. The best moment on day one was reuniting with my former football player from Troy University,  Mario Addison, who is the Panthers' starting defensive end. The second best moment was learning that coach Rivera knows me by name and we chat it up during warm-ups sometimes!"

Check back for more posts from coach Hassell as she continues to work with Panthers during training camp.